Thursday, October 6, 2011

Few etiquette to be followed by a Good Programmer

There are 3 important formatting options to be followed in order to be a good programmer:

      Using Comments:
                 Give comment lines then and there in your program (possibly for functions) so that a third person viewing your program will feel at his ease to understand it when he goes through it.                                                            
Saving the program with proper file name:            
              Following this tip will be most needed for searching the correct program when it is in a bunch of several programs, say when it is in a folder like ‘bin’.
Indentation is nothing but giving appropriate spaces for separate modules or blocks in your piece of code. Only then, you will feel easy to have a glance on it. In simple words, it improves the readability of your program. See the illustration below.

Out of the above 3 tips, in case you don’t follow the first two, only the third person will feel difficult to rad your program. But skipping the third step, you, the programmer yourself will feel tough to go through. :-)

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  1. naming conversion is the main thing in your program. you cant understand its real meaning unless you are managing a big application.