Friday, October 21, 2011

Leave MS-Excel! Do better Result Analysis with G!Docs' Forms


I was really astonished when I used G! Docs' Forms for doing a result analysis for my college. Felt like sharing that knowledge with you. Here for you :

  1. Obviously, you need a google account to access G! Docs
  2. Log in to G! Docs and Click the create button.
  3. In that, Select 'Form' Option.
  4. Design your form inserting as many as text boxes, drop down lists and radio buttons needed for you.
  5. Save it., send the link to the persons who need to fill in their responses or embed it in your blog/site.
  6. As you receive responses, they all will be saved in a spreadsheet in your G! Docs account.
  7. To view the responses as a Result analysis graph, G! Docs offer an automatic feature itself.
  8. Open the spreadsheet. Under Form menu, click 'Show Summary of Responses'
  9. Your spreadsheet will be colorfully depicted as charts.


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